Cardio First Angel

CPR made easy


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Did you know, that...

... Up to 100,000 lives could be saved in Europe alone, if bystanders and family members perform CPR immediately? 1

Our CPR-feedback system

in a nutshell

Easy to use

The Cardio First Angel is intuitively and easy to use. It's shape helps you to find the correct position on the patient's chest.
An acoustic feedback indicates when the correct compression depth is gained and helps you to find the optimal frequency of compressions.


The Cardio First Angel works purely mechanically. No battery, power source or maintenance is needed to operate it, which makes the Cardio First Angel your reliable first aid helper.

Compact design

Thanks to it's small form factor and low weight the Cardio First Angel fits almost everywhere and is therefore quick at hand when an emergency arises.

Harmless materials

The Cardio First Angel is made of harmless and biocompatible materials, that won't cause health problems and don't require special storage.
The Cardio First Angel is CE-certified.

No skin contact

Are you afraid of touching an injured stranger?
The Cardio First Angel creates a "buffer" between you and the patient, that allows you to perform life-saving CPR without direct contact. 

Did you know, that...

...the chance of survival is reduced by 10% for each minute without CPR? 1