Cardio First Angel

Your CPR-feedback device for the
first and most important moments
after a cardiac arrest.- made in Germany

Did you know, that...

... 64% of all cardiac arrests happen at home? 1

Optimal CPR

Always at hand and learned in seconds.

With its small pack size and a weight of only 130 grams, the Cardio First Angel fits in every bag and is immediately at hand in case of an emergency. It secures the patient-centered care in the first and most important minutes. Purely mechanically, it provides the required pressure, the most effective frequency of compressions and the correct position for life-saving CPR.


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How it works

in 3 easy steps

1. Check for life signs by shaking and shouting. If the patient is nonresponsive, free up the chest.

2. Simply place the Cardio First Angel in the center of the chest. The shape of the device helps you find the correct position.

3. Kneel beside the patient and perform CPR using the Cardio First Angel. Straighten out your arms and use your body weight. The click sound indicates when the correct compression depth is gained and aids you with the frequency of compressions.

Always at hand


In your car

As important as a first aid kit.

In your backpack

When no medical professionals are nearby.

In your home

For your family's safety, and your own.

In your office

As essential as a fire extinguisher.

Did you know, that...

...the chance of survival increases by up to 200% when CPR is performed immediately? 1


about the Cardio First Angel


Up to 100,000 lives could be saved in Europe alone, if bystanders and family members perform CPR immediately. 1

Why is CPR so important?


The average ambulance response time is 8 minutes or more. 1


After only 3 minutes without blood flow the brain begins to die. 1

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